[VIDEO] Mikey Flowers Interview with Tammy Carmona at Tulips And Pansies

Mikey Flowers interviews designers & celebrities at the "Tulips & Pansies" floral design competition - featuring Tammy Carmona.

The wedding scene in the Hollywood blockbuster “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” is one of the most iconic and memorable scenes of the entire film saga.

It has been the “inspiration” for countless themed weddings and events, it was chosen for commercials and music videos, and even now, a decade later, the Twilight fan community brings up the wedding scene and decor on a regular basis.

Tammy Carmona is the wedding planner and florist behind this magical creation. 

TV show host “Mikey Flowers” interviews designers & celebrities at the “Tulips & Pansies” floral design competition – featuring Tammy Carmona (at the time, named Tammy Polatsek).

Check out the entire video for some cool floral designs, or jump right to Tammy at 1:03.

“Tulips and Pansies” is an annual event created to raise funds for Village Care of New York (www.vcny.org). VCNY is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare programs to New Yorkers living with with HIV and AIDS.

In this competition, prestigious fashion designers (Tory Burch, Ralph Rucci, Pamella Roland, Lilly Pulitzer, and others) pair with NYC’s finest floral designers (including Tammy Carmona) to create a fashion show that now only showcases their clothing, but elaborate headdresses made from plants & flowers. It’s not only a stylistic challenge but an engineering one – unlike a floral arrangement that sits on a table, these creations have to survive the energetic walk back and forth upon the runway, with the model twirling and posing. Failure is not an option when the eyes of top fashion critics and NYC’s social elite are on your work. This challenge makes the fact that Tammy Carmona won this competition 3 years in a row even more impressive.