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Who We Are

Carmona Design is a unique and innovative product design studio, serving clients in New York, New Jersey, South Florida, and around the world.

Our primary focus is on interior design & the creation of Design Specification Manuals for renovation & new construction projects. Our “Spec Books” are detailed and informative, covering every aspect of the project from concept to material purchasing.

We also offer product design and floral design services, as well as commissioned oil paintings by Tammy Carmona herself.


Tammy Carmona
Tammy Carmona Owner & CEO
Nathan Kaplan
Nathan Kaplan CTO
Marco Franco
Marco Franco Research
Micael Martins
Micael Martins 3D Artist

Project Specification Manuals, or “Spec Books”, are an important part of any major construction or remodeling project. They provide a common ground between the architect’s vision of the building itself, the designer’s notion of the interiors, the builder’s timeframe and budget restrictions, and other factors.

Spec books can save time, money, and aggravation. By reviewing the intended use of each space, our design team comes up with the most logical, effective, and sensible ways to create a beautiful and unique environment – without resorting to extreme costs or extraordinary efforts.

Our spec book creation process includes:

  • In-depth consultations to understand your goals & project requirements.
  • Ancillary review of architectural & mechanical plans.
  • Detailed development of every aspect & space of the project.
  • Complete shopping lists / material schedules.
  • Schematics, layouts, and 3D renders to visualize the project.
  • Revisions & adjustments as needed.
  • Final layout, including sections, page indicators, and tables of contents.
  • …and of course, plenty of other details that change according to every project!

Considering a renovation or new construction? Contact us & let us help you create a space that’s beautiful, comfortable, and easy to build & maintain!

Visit our Spec Books page for more in-depth information & resources.

We provide interior design services for many types of projects, including:

  • Residential (single- or 2-family homes)
  • Multi-Family (apartment buildings)
  • Mixed-Use (commercial & residential spaces coexisting in the same structure)
  • Retail & Office Space
  • Medical & Long-Term Care facilities
  • …and many others

We have a vast array of design solutions to accommodate every client’s need and budget. Our design process considers style, usability, and other factors, to create a space that not only looks great, but is well-thought-out and highly useful, for years to come.

Find out more on our Interior Design page, or request a call-back to speak to one of our designers.

The factors involved in commercial interior design are very different from residential design. While home design is focused on individual preferences and style, commercial design takes into account the company’s image, the usability of the spaces & furniture, customer accommodations (if office / retail / healthcare), safety and maintenance, and many other factors.

Our Commercial Design Team has the multi-disciplinary experience to create the ideal space to fit your company’s needs and budget.

We work closely with your architect, engineers, and other professionals, to ensure our designs sync up with the structural and mechanical specs – so we can create realistic yet beautiful solutions that give you the “wow factor” without breaking the bank.


Contact us to find out what we can do for your commercial project.

We’re a passionate, resourceful team, dedicated to creating thoughtful solutions. We know that great product design is more than just about looks – it puts people first. It’s why we put our souls into every project.

With a portfolio of over 500 products spanning 7 industries and 40 countries, and works that have been featured on TV shows, selected for the “Oprah’s Favorite Things List”, chosen by celebrity chefs, and won industry awards – your idea will be in good company!

We offer a full suite of product design services:

  • Product Design – from prototype to final refininements.
  • Marketing – audience analysis, branding, positioning, and creative direction.
  • Marketing Support – explainers, sketches, 3D renders, descriptions, and more.
  • Packaging – showcase & protect the product, while accommodating retail & shipping requirements.

Our Product Design page showcases more photos, project descriptions, and a contact form to get in touch with us.

Tammy Carmona’s fine art collection showcases her creative talents as well as personal philosophy. With her complex life story and international influences, she’s never at a loss for artistic expression. Coupled with a thorough understanding of oil painting techniques, and a bold, fearless attitude, these factors produce emotional, meaningful pieces that speak volumes.

Differentiating herself from the commercialized / generative art culture, where anyone can throw paint onto a canvas, or copy/paste clip art into PhotoShop, and call themselves an “artist”, Tammy paints what she truly feels, with passion and emotion evident in every piece.

Rich colors, real stories, and thoughtful compositions are the core strengths of Tammy’s artwork. With themes of overcoming adversity, synthesizing meaning from experiences, and finding eternal beauty in transient phenomena, her oil paintings and mixed-media creations have found a place in clients’ homes – and hearts.

Never content with her accomplishments, Tammy is experimenting with digital art and NFT creations alongside traditional oil painting.

Tammy was born in Israel and raised in New York. She currently divides her time between New York City and Miami, and enjoys the variety of cultural influences, attitudes, and art scenes in both cities.

View more artworks, find out about Tammy, and commission a painting on our Fine Art page.

Tammy Carmona is an accomplished florist, with over 25 years of experience in creating fresh floral and silk floral arrangements.

Her designs have been the centerpiece of thousands of weddings and celebrations, including Hollywood parties and award-winning movie sets.

“Tulip & Pansies” Three-Time Winner

One of Tammy’s (many) accomplishments is winning the prestigious “Tulip & Pansies” competition – not once, not twice, but 3 years in a row. Competing against celebrity florists like David Tutera and Preston Bailey, she created wearable floral centerpieces for models to showcase on the runway.

Twilight Wedding Flowers

Tammy was commissioned to design the entire wedding scene for the movie “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”, which grossed over $ 800 million. The wedding scene won multiple awards for set design & floral art, and was prominently featured in official film promo clips & commercials.

Tammy has also worked with Oprah Winfrey, the Oscars, and P. Diddy, to produce events in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

“A Thousand Years”

The artist Christina Perry chose the wedding scene for her multi-platinum hit single “A Thousand Years”, which has over 1.8 BILLION views on YouTube, making it one of the Top 100 most-viewed videos on YouTube of all time.

Visit our Floral Design page to view a gallery of past creations and inquire about creating a unique centerpiece for your home or office.