TheKnot Interview with Tammy Carmona: “Twilight Magic – A Designer’s Journey”

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I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you today! Recently, I had the honor of being featured in a delightful article by TheKnot, the #1 wedding website and lifestyle magazine.

The article, titled “Twilight Magic: A Designer’s Journey,” delves into my passion for design and the unique projects that have made my career a remarkable journey.

The piece highlights my love for creating unforgettable wedding experiences, emphasizing the enchantment of the “Twilight” wedding scene. I’ve had the privilege of crafting designs that transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, and the article beautifully encapsulates these magical transformations. 

In “Twilight Magic: A Designer’s Journey,” The Knot explores the artistic inspirations behind my work, how I blend elements of nature and design to create breathtaking settings, and the personal connections I’ve developed with couples throughout their wedding planning journey. The article also features stunning photographs and insights into some of my favorite projects that have left a lasting mark on my design portfolio.

It’s incredibly humbling to see my work celebrated in a publication as prestigious as The Knot. I invite you all to read the full article and immerse yourselves in the world of “Twilight” weddings, design inspiration, and creativity:

Big thanks to TheKnot for the opportunity, and to Sarah Hanlon personally for her unique writing style and storytelling ability!

The Twilight wedding has been an inspiration to 1000s of wedding designs, including some celebrity couples – but hey, that’s a topic for a separate post! (Follow me on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss it). Here’s some previews though!

Stay inspired!

– Tammy Carmona

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