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Our lead designer, Tammy Carmona, is an experienced florist who’s known for her incredible abilities and unique vision. Having created 1000s of floral arrangements, including full-scale productions for Hollywood movie studios and celebrity events, she has an unparalleled knowledge of floral styles, techniques, and materials science.

Tammy is able to take any creative brief and turn it into a stunning solution that’s beautiful, perfectly fitting to the space, and conforming to the project budget. From individual arrangements to full-size floral walls, her creations are making a major difference in how people perceive a space – whether it’s a private house, an event, or a permanent installation in a mixed-use or commercial space.

Commercial & Amenity Decor with Silk Flowers

When most people think about floral arrangements, they imagine real flowers. Beautiful, perfectly detailed, and fragrant, they’re the perfect finishing touch to brighten up the room. However, fresh flowers don’t last, so they can’t be used for long-term decorative ideas. The solution is artificial flowers and greenery. Typical artificial flowers look fake and lack detail, but Tammy has found sources for hand-made, incredibly detailed, silk flowers that replicate the look of the real thing perfectly.

These high-quality silk flowers and plants are the ideal choice for long-term decorations in retail environments, commercial spaces, and amenities in apartment buildings. They offer multiple advantages:

  • Hand-made, hand-painted quality – incredible detail and colors.
  • Zero maintenance – no watering, feeding, or pruning necessary.
  • Zero debris – no dry leaves or fallen petals to clean up, ever.
  • Dust-resistant – coated with an invisible layer of proprietary nontoxic compound similar to 3M Scotchgard, Tammy’s flowers don’t get dusty.
  • Hypoallergenic – unlike real flowers, these are guaranteed not to trigger anyone’s allergic reactions.
  • Flexible installation – can be placed in traditional layouts (pots, planters, vases), but also mounted on walls, cascade down from railings, and many other arrangements that are simply impossible with real flowers.
  • Cost-effective – even though silk flowers may be more expensive, it’s a one-time expense with zero upkeep.
  • Remixable and reusable – can be assembled in such a way that “blocks” can be moved around later, creating new visuals with minimal cost.

Commercial & Amenity Decor - Gallery

Tammy is a talented florist, with a unique vision and style. Her memorable arrangements have delighted thousands of customers for many years, and she has created styles that have been endlessly imitated.

Characterized by bold approaches and stunning colors, Tammy’s floral art creates an immersive experience that captures the essence of every event. Corporate parties, weddings and birthday celebrations, even Hollywood productions and award-winning movie sets – no matter how large or small the job is, she always brings her artistic vision and attention to detail to every project.

"Tulip & Pansies" Three-Time Winner

One of Tammy’s (many) accomplishments is winning the prestigious “Tulip & Pansies” competition. The competition / fashion show paired famous clothing designers with top Manhattan florists, to create wearable centerpieces for the models to wear on the runway. This was not only an artistic challenge, but an engineering one – creating a lush and expansive arrangement that cannot fall apart even as the model is walking and posing in front of the cameras.

Competing against celebrity florists like David Tutera and Preston Bailey, Tammy won the challenge – 3 years in a row!

Tammy was commissioned to design the entire wedding scene for the movie “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”. In the original book, the scene is barely mentioned, with only 7 lines providing the barest idea. Being an expert florist, Tammy convinced the Production Designer (Richard Sherman) that the scene “as written” was not nearly impressive enough, and such a plot-defining event deserved much more exposure and grandeur.

The end result was a stunning display with over 40,000 live orchids – several tractor-trailers’ worth. The “Twilight Wedding” became one of the most recognizable, imitated, and critically acclaimed wedding scenes in film history. The scene itself garnered 4 industry awards for set design & floral design – an extremely rare accomplishment, even for major Hollywood productions. Hundreds of wedding designers have imitated Tammy’s design, in thousands of weddings – but the original still causes a stir every time it’s mentioned.

Tammy has also worked with Oprah Winfrey, the Oscars, and P. Diddy, to produce events in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn" - Wedding Scene Design

"A Thousand Years" - Music Video

The artist Christina Perri chose the wedding scene as the primary focus of the official video for her multi-platinum hit single “A Thousand Years”. The guitar-driven, mid-tempo ballad transitions between dreamy scenes of the artist surrounded by a multitude of candles, and various close-ups of the wedding scene.

A grand piano and string orchestral arrangement backs up the guitar lead, creating a rich tapestry of audio to parallel the delicious visuals. Even though the song was written specifically for the film, it found independent success on multiple Top 20 and Top 40 lists nationwide and worldwide. The video has 2.2 BILLION views on YouTube, making it one of the Top 100 most-viewed videos on YouTube of all time.

Every florist dreams of seeing their work “on the silver screen”. For Tammy, that dream became a reality.

Multilingual, Multicultural

Tammy speaks 4 languages – English, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Spanish. She has traveled to over 50 countries, and has a cosmopolitan awareness of the various design influences and traditions all over the world, which she brings to her floral arrangements and product designs.

Floral Arrangements & Centerpieces

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