“Colorways” is an abstract composition depicting three-dimensional curves of smoothly flowing colors, twisting and intersecting upon each other.

The bottom part of the image features a dense, intertwined growth of the “vines”, gradually giving way to more sparse positions, while the background grows rougher and more textured.

This painting represents several concepts. The variance of the colors and widths of the lines represents the ups and downs of one’s path through life. One may choose an eventful path, with plenty of collisions and encounters, or a more relaxed lifestyle, perhaps somewhere in the mountains or on the farm in the heartland. But no matter what the individual paths are, they all intersect in the grand tapestry of the human experience.

A rich palette of greens and blues creates the feeling of peace and tranquility, while the off-white textured background adds depth to the experience.

Oil and impasto-modified oil on 36″ x 48″ x 1.5″ deep gallery canvas.

Original painting by Tammy Carmona, 2021.