Work in progress.

“Chandelier” expresses the effort & planning needed to accomplish anything in life. The composition starts with the concept sketch, in simple engineering diagram style, and progresses to the realistic depiction of the illuminated chandelier with lights blazing.

The chandelier was chosen as the subject, because it represents multiple concepts related to the artist’s message. It’s a manufactured object, not something that can be discovered or noticed in nature. To create a chandelier, one must draw upon multiple disciplines: metallurgy, chemistry of glass, electrical and structural engineering, and optics. It’s a symbol of luxury and good taste. It illuminates its surroundings, just as hard work illuminates the path to success. 

The interplay of the deep-blue-and-black background, the gold of the object, and the white and yellow highlights, creates a nicely balanced complementary palette. The intent of this peace is to create a feeling of pride in one’s accomplishments.

As a subscriber to the Remodernist and Intentist art philosophies, Tammy Carmona imbues all of her paintings with a definitive message, yet leaves enough to the imagination that the viewer can interpret the work as they see fit.