Artwork by Tammy Carmona

Tammy Carmona’s fine art collection showcases her creative talents as well as personal philosophy. With her complex life story and international influences, she’s never at a loss for artistic expression.

Coupled with a thorough understanding of oil painting techniques and a bold, fearless attitude, these factors produce emotional, meaningful pieces that speak volumes.

Differentiating herself from the commercialized / generative art culture, where anyone can throw paint onto a canvas, or copy/paste clip art into PhotoShop, and call themselves an “artist”, Tammy paints what she truly feels, with passion and emotion evident in every piece.

Rich colors, real stories, and thoughtful compositions are the core strengths of Tammy’s artwork. With themes of overcoming adversity, synthesizing meaning from experiences, and finding eternal beauty in transient phenomena, her oil paintings and mixed-media creations have found a place in clients’ homes – and hearts.

Never content with her accomplishments, Tammy is experimenting with digital art and NFT creations alongside traditional oil painting.

Tammy was born in Israel and raised in New York. She currently divides her time between New York City and Miami, and enjoys the variety of cultural influences, attitudes, and art scenes in both cities.

For commissions, questions, and media inquiries, please contact Carmona Design by E-mail at, or by SMS/WhatsApp at (561) 356-4814.